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* Do you know what NXDOMAIN is?

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The short acronym of NXDOMAIN stands for a non-existent domain, and it refers to an error message that a Recursive DNS server (the client) receives. This message occurs when the requested domain cannot be resolved to an IP address. In simpler terms, the NXDOMAIN error message appears when users try to access a domain that does not exist.

On a daily basis, users browse through different web browsers, and DNS (Domain Name System) is in charge of linking the requested domain names to their corresponding IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) through a process known as DNS resolution.

  • If the DNS resolution process succeeds, users are directed to their desired websites.
  • If DNS cannot connect a user to a specific domain name, an NXDOMAIN error message is displayed.

Nonetheless, each browser has its unique way of displaying this error.

Frequent NXDOMAIN messages may indicate network problems or security issues. Complete DNS log data can be analyzed to identify the root cause of failed DNS requests.

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